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By placing a new order, you are effectively sending us a request to evaluate your requirements. Your request will be subject for approval.

The entire process from the time you submit the order to when we begin writing can be accomplished within the first 8 hours after we receive your order.

It's possible that we can begin working on your assignment in less than 10 minutes IF you time your order to fall within our normal working hours and IF you make a downpayment upon placing the order
. Please consult our FAQ page for our working hours.
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Tell us what CLASS or SUBJECT or COURSE this assignment is for. Is it for Religion class? Philosophy? Computer Science? etc. This allows us to focus your paper on the intended subject.

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Put in the actual number of pages that you need for the CONTENT/MAIN BODY of your paper. The bibliography and title pages are free. Keep in mind that we charge for a minimum of 3 pages for 7, 5, and 3 day delivery. And 2 pages minimum applies for 2 day deliveries (i.e. we can make you a 1 page essay, but we will still charge you the minimum pages). One page consists of roughly 225 words. Double spaced. Font: Arial 12pt. If you need single spaced, it will cost twice per page.

Delivery Speed  
7 Days - $13 per page (minimum order of 3 pages)
(If delivery date is 7 DAYS OR MORE from today)

5 Days - $18 per page (minimum order of 3 pages)
(If delivery date is EXACTLY 5 days (120 hours) from today)

3 Days - $20 per page (minimum order of 3 pages)
(If delivery date is in 3 day (72 hours) from today)

2 Days - $23 per page (minimum order of 2 pages)
(If delivery date is in 2 day (48 hours) from today)

3 and 2 day delivery customers are reminded to check your email often. We start writing your assignment as soon as we receive a downpayment but we need you to settle your Final Billing before we can send your order. Your order delivery will be delayed if you fail to promptly settle your final billing statement.
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This is the day we send you your order (in your local date setting/timezone). DO NOT make the mistake of making this the same day as your school deadline! This should be at least 1 to 2 days from your school deadline.
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Essay, Term Paper, or anything that best describes your assignment.

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Provide us with the type of referencing to use: MLA, APA, AMA, or just put "anything" or "not needed". This is important, so be sure you give us the CORRECT style to use.

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Provide CLEAR and COMPLETE instructions. If there are any references that need to be
included in your assignment, then you MUST specify those here. If necessary, you should email us those references in MS Word or PDF format as soon as you get a reply from our representative. You may also Fax your additional materials to (480) 247-5019 (United States) --Be sure to include your NAME & EMAIL ADDRESS on the fax cover sheet.

Other Options  
FREE Bibliography
FREE Table Of Contents
FREE Title Page
FREE Pagination (state where page numbers are to be located)
Index - (Additional $20)
Footnotes - (Additional $20)

Only put a check on all of the things that you DEFINITELY NEED in your assignment. These are the usual items required in most papers. Use this checklist to determine if you have given us enough information in all the other sections. Footnotes and Indexing service are additional charges because of the difficulty involved in synchronizing the page numbers for all references, ideas, and terminologies throughout the paper. This sometimes can be more time consuming to make than the paper itself.

Payment Options  

Strictly NO REFUNDS once writing has started. Please understand that you are paying for quality writing service. Any service rendered cannot be returned since your paper has been uniquely written for YOU. We will work with you on any revisions (subject to $5 revision fee) that you may need until you are completely satisfied, but we CANNOT give refunds.

We DO NOT GUARANTEE that you will get a grade that you need or want. You are purchasing our expertise and time for doing research and quality writing, nothing more. If you want us to guarantee that you will pass or get a certain grade then we are not suited for your needs, feel free to find another website that will sell you false promises.

I will pay in full now. (You will get a full refund if your topic gets declined. Check your email frequently.)
(Recommended for 3 and 2 day ORDERS - No Delays)

I will pay a minimum deposit now. I will settle any remaining balance before delivery. (Deposits: $39 (7 day delivery), $54 (5 day delivery), $60 (3 day delivery), $46 (2 day delivery). You will get a full refund if your topic gets declined)
(Highly Recommended - No Delays)

Bill me after you approve my order. (check your email often to prevent delays)

I am just inquiring. (we will contact you upon approval of your topic and provide payment instructions)

If you are in a hurry, we recommend selecting full payment (or at least make a deposit) to speed up processing of your order. Otherwise, we will have to go through the process of evaluation, billing, and then waiting for you to pay the bill before we can start working. This takes time (sometimes a full day) specially if you don't check your email often. Bear in mind that we can only start writing your assignment when we have received either full payment or a down payment. provides custom writing and reports, to be used for research and study assistance purposes only, similar in concept to CliffsNotes, SparkNotes or York Notes. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is our work to be plagiarized by submitting it as your own work.

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