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Satisfaction guaranteed on all of our custom essays and term papers
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Sample Essays

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Full Length Samples
  1. Usability of Computers for the Elderly
  2. Effects of Toilet Training to Personality Development
  3. Walt Disney Company : Reaching Out To The World
  4. Ethical Issues of Sexual Misconduct
  7. Pinoy Gangsta's Paradise
  8. Speed Dating on the Go
  9. Mediocre College English Needs Serious Refinement
  11. Plagiarism: Why is it a crime?
  12. The Impact of Mental Attitude and Subjective Well - being of Individuals towards Life Crisis
  13. The Airport at Barbados
  14. Finding the Right Custom Essay Writing Service Provider
  15. Development through Women Empowerment
  20. French Language
  21. French word in English
  22. How to Learn French
  23. Inside the Fashionable Mind: How Psychology Explains Our Love for Fashion
  24. Anti-Aging Creams - Do they really work?
  25. The Arguments on the use of Spanking as a method of Discipline Among Children
  26. The New Right Critique of the Welfare State in the United Kingdom

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Here are some of our latest pre-written articles that you can buy for just $20 each. We will email you the Microsoft Word DOC file after payment has been processed.
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Article Title Category
Samsung Galaxy S3 Expects to Top Sales in the Next Quarter (word count: 1) Gadgets Buy Now
  All about Samsung Galaxy S III reviews and information.
Catch the best Credit Repair Resources Now! (word count: 540) Business Buy Now
  Know the Best Credit Repair Resources now.
Dos and Don’ts to Stop Snoring (word count: 519) Health Buy Now
  Here are some tips to stop snoring
Trade using only a Penny (word count: 505) Business Buy Now
  Try Penny Stock trading and make money in an instant.
Cash into more Cash (word count: 516) Business Buy Now
  Knowing what Forex Trading is and some Forex Trading Strategies can surely aid you to have another type of business
Technology and the Law (word count: 499) Law Buy Now
  Technology and Legal Ethics - which should prevail?
Smoking (word count: 607) Health Buy Now
  Cause and effects of smoking
The Tug of War: Free Trade vs. Trade Protection (word count: 847) Economics Buy Now
  Almost all economists argue that free trade is better than trade protection and recommend that countries adopt free trade as a policy. However, despite this powerful preference within the economics profession to favor free trade and open markets, trade protection has never disappeared. Restricted trade remains a feature of the world economy.
The United Nations and Darfur: Continuing Failure to Achieve Peace and Security (word count: 769) Political Science Buy Now
  The situation in Darfur continues to be a threat to international peace and security. Today, the situation is as devastating as ever. The tragic humanitarian crisis remains to be a struggle without any resolution to the violent conflict.
Youth Violence (word count: 633) Law Buy Now
  Youth violence in the United States is a major social problem that will inevitably get worse. Criminologists and state authorities are more concerned on the issue of youth violence than adult violence because the crimes involving the youth are becoming more violent and are continuously increasing the number of juvenile offenders.
Bureaucracy Out, Entrepreneurial Government In (word count: 462) Political Science Buy Now
  This essay discusses entrepreneurial government, one of the ten principles forwarded by Osborne & Gaebler in their proposed government reform.
Horserace in Philippine Elections (word count: 553) Political Science Buy Now
  Discussed in the article is the prevalence of overspending senatorial candidates during the 2007 Philippine elections, and the possible consequences of the candidates' actions. Top spenders on political campaign ads on different media are also mentioned. it is also illustrated how a cycle of a typical corrupt official's three-year term goes about.
Garlitos gets the ball! He runs, shoots, and he… writes?! (word count: 714) Entertainment Buy Now
  This is a personality profile of Karl Garlitos, a 25-yr-old sports fanatic. His regular job involves writing for a PR and Events company, while his freelance work includes contributing IT and sports articles to different magazines such as T3, K-zone, and Action&Fitness. This young man aspires to write for ESPN magazine. He also gives his two cents on Philippine journalism and gives words of encouragement to aspiring writers.
Podcasting vs. Traditional Broadcasting: A Constantly Evolving Arena of Communication (word count: 991) Media & Telecommunications Buy Now
  In today's time, communication is no longer dependent on the traditional sources of information such as the radio and the television. These media are no longer hyper-active in reaching out to different people at the same time. Why? The Internet is fast -approaching as the new source. Hence, different Internet broadcasting such as podcasting are immersing. Could this be the end of the traditional media? Or is it just a chapter in communications history that would easily pass by?
The Sad Truth about Human Nature (word count: 892) Philosophy Buy Now
  The Sad Truth about Human Nature The nature of human beings has been defined with rationality and free will. But how true is it that human beings are rational individuals with free will? The increasing hardships in life have made money, time, unselfish love, forgiveness, understanding and acceptance scarce commodities. Nothing comes for free and everything comes for a price.
Sex and the City: The Modern Image of Femininity and the Search for Love’s Meaning (word count: 876) Movie/Film Buy Now
  As the movie opens with a faster and more upbeat sound added with a classical hint of violin in the background that is different from the usual tv series soundtrack, Sex and the City speaks of a story
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